Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where for art thou?

Saturday I jumped in the car at midnight and drove down to the Wisconsin Illinios border to pick up my first buckling! I arrived at the farm at just after 8 am, picked him up, and turned back around for the drive home. I got home at about 3:30 pm and was completely exhausted, but the trip was worth it. Little Romeo has great bloodlines and will be a great to breed with the girls. 

Aren't his moonspots wonderful!

Romeo will actually be jointly owned with Karen from Pelican Acres, she will keep him with her other bucks and allow me to bring Addison and Gidget up for breeding when the time is right.

When kidding season arrives don't forget to check out Karen's Goat Cam in her birthing stall to watch goats give birth!

Hopefully next year I can build a pen area for bucks and I will be able to house one here on my own little homestead, so long as it is down wind!


  1. Wow, is he beautiful! Glad you are able to share him. I wish we had someone to share our goat with (especially when he starts getting all stinky!!).

  2. Oh my....what a whirl wind of a trip, but he is sooooo handsome! Congrats on your new boy!

  3. He is a pretty one. what is his back ground look like ? I have several bucks for sale too.. a couple really nice polled boys. need to make room if ya know what i mean

  4. LOL about being downwind! I'm waiting for my buck to start smelling, he still smells good right now and is easy to cuddle with, it's when he's covered in pee and stink and wants kisses that's the difficult part :) Romeo is very handsome! It looks like he'll be a great buck for you... I look forward to seeing the kids.

    That was quite the drive! Yawn... I'm tired imagining it :)Very good reason for it though!

  5. What a handsome boy! Romeo.... :-)
    I wonder if the girls will swoon....

  6. Kim - Moonspots are supposed to be the next big thing.

    ADoC - I am very excited although it will be a long time till I can get him living here.

    Carolyn - Sharing is the perfect solution for both Karen and I this year, I am lucky to have someone willing to work with me on this.

    Niece - It was a long, long trip, but well worth it!

    Carla - I am surprised at how good the buckling market has been this year...folks may be hunkering down because of the economy.

    LuckyBunny - He didn't smell yet, but if he did it would have doubled as smellong salts to keep me awake I'm sure!

    Danni - I know my girls will be swooning this Fall!

  7. I think Bucks have a rather charming facial features, minus urine scald and the sometimes-bad smell. Your Romeo is absolutely adorable... so I would think the kids will be as well!

  8. He is a very handsome guy. I really need to start looking for another buck. It's not a job I enjoy.