Monday, August 29, 2011

More Guinea Drama

Yesterday daddy guinea got hit by a car, I was heart broken. I was in the yard when it happened, the car didn't even slow down - I think they hit him on purpose.

Momma guinea cried and cried for him, it was so sad.

Diablo was the male guinea who didn't have a mate, he got his name because he very mean to the chickens. Momma guinea cried for her mate for hours, after a while Diablo started to follow her around. If she accepts him I will keep him around, other wise he is toast.

The other birds were shocked at the turn of events, I can only imagine the gossip about the situation around the water cooler.

One of the guinea keets living with mama chicken in the sheep pen flew out of the barn and was lost in the woods, not good. I decided it was time to move them back to the coop.

I was worried that Leopold wouldn't accept them into the flock, but so far he has been great. He runs off any hens or guineas that bother the keets, it seems another reprobate has been reformed.

Mama chicken has been teaching the keets how to forage. She must be doing a good job because yesterday I saw one of the keets running around the coop with a worm in its mouth.

Last night mama chicken went into the coop for the evening but the keets couldn't figure out how to get up the plank and inside. The Commander and I had to go out with an aquarium fish net and scoop them up to put them inside. Mama chicken was inside screaming and even pecked my hand when I put the first of the keets inside. The round-up was a crazy scene. I sure hope they can put themselves away by themselves tonight.


  1. Who says animals don't have feelings. Poor things. Momma hens never seem to realize when you are trying to "help" either do they.

  2. Sorry to hear about Daddy :(

    The keets are adorable though! Hope you get another good male out of the bunch.

  3. Ohhh.. I wish I knew who did that to Daddy... People are, well, it's a bad word that I will say aloud but not put in print!

  4. Michaele - I totally agree, nothing is more frustrating than not being allowed to provide REQUIRED help!

    Carolyn - The keets are great, they are so much fun to watch too.

    Ruth - I just know someone hit him on purpose, and that is really sad.

  5. That is terrible that someone hit him on purpose. But I have seen people like that. Terrible heartless people. They should be hit by a car on purpose, too. An eye for an eye...

    Whenever we have lost a guinea the others always re-adjust and mateless ones hook up with available mates then. I hope it will work out for Diablo, poor boy. Maybe having a mate will make him nicer?

    That's funny the keets couldn't get into the coop. Ours always have that exact same problem when they are small!!!


  6. Lynn - I am amazed at how quickly Juliet accepted Diablo and how much he calmed down. The keets have the coop figured out, now if they would only stop flying off and leaving mama chicken...