Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lamb Ram Horns

I'm trying to decide if Albion's horns are good enough for me to use him as breeding stock.

Albion was one of two lambs born to Jeepers this Spring, his sister Alma was the other.

He is a friendly fellow that likes to stick close to his mother. I like his light brown color, it is unique to my flock.

If I decide to keep him he will have to be introduced to the other rams, they may smash him around a bit so I want to make sure he's staying before submitting him to that rough treatment.

Of course if I don't keep him he will be heading off to freezer camp very soon. What do you think?


  1. I honestly did not know that you considered the ram's horns when deciding upon breeding stock (goat girl here). Is it because of rutting with the other rams or just a personal preference for nice look'n horns?

  2. Carolyn - Horns are important. They can be sold along with the pelt, but if they are too close to a rams face they can cause serious health issues.

  3. my sheep are naturally polled so cant help you there, cows now that's different,lol.
    I just wanted to let you know how we introduce new rams to avoid damage.
    You should put them in a pen together where they can investigate each other but not have enough room to back up and hit each other.
    After a few days increase the pen size so on and so forth for a week or two and when you turn them out to pasture they should not fight.
    My two boys always shared a pen and pasture with not one fight after that introduction and my older guy had a grumpy streak.

  4. Sorry I have no idea. But freezer land is why I can't raise animals.... I am too much a softie at heart, I would wind up with a lot of pets on the property and no meat in the freezer.
    I really envy those who can raise their own meat.

    Pamela Jo

  5. I would not use him for breeding.

  6. Don't know a whole lot about how the horns should look, per se, but if they aren't curled too far in, I think he has a nice 'look' about him.

    My 2 cents, so to speak.

    Cat, who finally is beginning to make the computer work. I think...

  7. He looks like a handsome fellow to me!

  8. Keep him. He's beautiful! (but, then again, I know *nothing* about sheep....)

  9. Farmer - I'm working on getting a pen built in the ram barn that will be used for those types of introductions.

    TJL - If he does go to freezer camp I just hope we like the meat, I don't want his gift to us to be wasted.

    Schoonover - Your opinion carries a lot of weight do to the sheep you keep, I'm afraid you may be correct in your assessment.

    Cat - I like his color and his fleece is very soft but the horn genetics may be a problem.

    ADoC - He has everything but good horns...

    CrankyPuppy - That is just what my mom said!

  10. Hey! Got your message and logged on to have a look. A straight on photo, like the pics you have of the older rams, would help more with the decision, but from what I can see of these side shots, they look too narrow. I'd eat him, and that's what this breed is for. Keep the best and eat the rest.
    ~ Ronda

  11. Ronda - I agree, unless we need Albion as a companion during breeding season he will be headed for freezeer camp.