Sunday, December 5, 2010


We want to put up our Christmas tree so it was time for Honey the House Chicken to transition outside. She has been laying an egg every other day and is only wearing a light wrap on her leg so it was time. When I checked on her today at the coop she had already laid an egg and seemed happy to be back among her own kind. Tonight will be her first night back in the coop, I hope she snuggles up warm with everyone else.

Killarney is the black ram on the top right of the picture, he was given the first opportunity to spend some quality time with the ewes. The seemed to like him and all, but it never seemed they liked him in a way more than a friend - if you know what I mean. Nothing ever seemed to happen. So Killarney was taken out and put back with the other rams.

After a suitable wait Alder was put in a pen in the ewe barn so they could take a look at him. He was not very nice, he even rammed the gate at one point.

When Alder was let out this morning he immediately gave chase to poor Gardenia and would not let up. She wanted to eat but he wanted other things, chasing after her and grunting and clicking his tongue. He "caught" her several times over the course of what seemed like an hour and finally let her eat in peace. The others had better watch out for him because Alder knows what he is supposed to do.

It was a little sad when we pulled Killarney out as Kia was the only ewe to follow us as we hauled him away. She followed us all the way to the gate and called to him, she was so sweet.


  1. They are just gorgeous. I love your sheep. Poor little Killarney :)
    Amy at Verde Farm

  2. Amy - I felt bad for Killarney as well, he is so friendly and good natured.

  3. I was concerned like that as well at one point, but found that some rams and bucks are actually just more discreet than others. They waited until nighttime and all my does and ewes did become pregnant, even though I never saw a thing.

    So glad Honey is happy and back with her hen pack. I'm she's got lots of interesting stories to tell them about her stay with the humans.


  4. Faith, Honey seems happy back outside with the flock. I hope your are correct about the discreet tactics, Killarney has some good genes that I would like him to pass on.

  5. THAT is freaking cold! Anymore problem with drinking water freezing up? Glad to see Honey completely well and able to join the rest

  6. GrandPa - Frozen blocks of ice twice a day, its brutal. Honey is a great egg layer!