Friday, December 3, 2010

Pumpkin Pies

Last night it was -8 degrees F, so this morning it was too cold to do anything outside. Pictured are two pumpkin pies that I made, they were a big hit with Cool Whip. I will have to ask OFG is she makes a homemade version of Cool Whip with her goats milk.

This Winter has been hard on the trees. Several wet snowfalls followed by cold snaps have left the trees coated with frozen shells of ice, weighing many down beyond the breaking point. It makes for beautiful scenery but is hard on the trees.

Becca Boo and the sheep enjoy nibbling on fallen tree branches.


  1. Yes it is beautiful to look at but what havoc it reeks on the trees and shrubs. It seems the birch trees always takes the brunt of it too.

  2. Whipped cream from goats milk would be very difficult without a cream separator. The fat molecules are so small that it is sort of naturally "homogenized" and milk and cream do not separate very readily.

    They are really expensive. I often wondered about simply spinning a container around in a circle on a rope. You could even rig up a bicycle powered one fairly easily.

    I had a buck named Boo. His full name was Billy Blue, but we just called him Boo. :o)


  3. BMKW - The Birch trees here are having a bad time of it. One has uprooted across the coop fencing and one by the driveway is starting to lean. The Commander went out and tried to shake it but we will see.

    Faith - So no whipped cream from goats milk? Drat! Boo just seems appropriate for a goat name.