Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Dreaming .......

When I went out to feed and water the goats this morning they all had frost on their fur! I posted on the GoatSpot and was told to wory only if the started shivering, but I'm worried now. It was 20* below zero last night but I never imagined that this would happen to them. I rubbed them down and gave them grain and warm water. It is going to begin to warm up over the next few days with tonight being the last really cold one for a few days (at least). I can only imagine that when they finally drift off to sleep that they are dreaming of the warm Summer days gone by (above).


  1. Oh poor babies. I know what you mean Chai Chai--I worry about these things too. I’ve got a barn packed full right now as we are trying to keep as many critters indoors during this frigid spell as possible but we can only control so much. I am sure your babies will be fine. Keep us posted and stay warm.

  2. I know, I go to sleep on cold nights like these, praying for the animals and shaking horrible images out of my head. I don't know what I would do if we got as cold as you are dealing with - maybe put an electric blanket out there in desperation? LOL

    I sure hope this breaks soon. I have not moved to Alaska for two reasons - the cold and the dark winters. I'm down to only one reason now.


  3. I literally can't imagine cold like that...I hope everything goes well, and that it warms up some.

  4. Verde - So far so good.

    Faith, A lot of praying around here. I know folks from Alaska and they seem to enjoy it.

    Nancy - It has warmed up to the point where 15* feels warm.

  5. Wow! I knew it had to be very cold up there and thought about you these last few days as our temperatures dipped below freezing. I hope everyone made it ok!