Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fun in the Snow

Sara loves playing in the snow! It was 14* today so we were able to spend some time outside.

The kids made this video, I think they did a good job.


  1. What a happy dog video! The kids did a great job.

  2. Awww, she's wonderful! I just want to give her a big hug for being so joyful.
    Fun video. :0)

  3. That was really wonderful! LOL I loved it. And I think I love Sara, too. What a terrific sense of fun she has.

    Merry Christmas, Chai. May you and your dear family be blessed according the riches of the Lord's grace and mercy.

    Much love,

  4. The kids did an excellent job with the video, very nice! I enjoyed it. Such a fun dog!