Friday, February 24, 2012


I have a few stuffed animals on the dresser in the guest room in the basement. They help give the room a "country" flavor, I love how soft and furry they are.

Lately I have been finding a few of the stuffed animals in peculiar places. How in the world did this stuffed bear that is a bit larger than the cats get halfway up the stairs?

Here I find the bear on the floor in my bedroom, how in the world did it get from the basement to the second floor? Ghosts? Is the toy possessed?

This is creepy, notice how the bear is sticking its leg through the cat door!

How in the world did this thing get ON my bed!

Oh My Goodness, now it has clawed its way through the cat door! Why is it that no one has EVER seen this thing moving around? One would think that with all the dogs running around this place that a wondering furry bear would be caught and chewed up.

OK, something has to be going on around here as not only is the bear on the floor in my room but the rooster has made the journey from the basement as well.....Either this place has ghosts or.....

.... Chai is lugging a stuffed bear that is larger than her up the stairs, through the cat door and up a second flight of stairs in secret past the dogs and without any humans seeing her....

... Maybe Mocha is in on this prank as well. I hope its them, otherwise we have ghosts!


  1. You know, those ARE freaky looking pictures!!! I know, it shouldn't be....well, because it's just a stuffed toy! But those pics of them just laying on the ground are just, well freaky!!

  2. Well that certainly is a mystery! I think I have a cat or two that might try something like that.

  3. rkbsnana - Thank You, although a bit spooky in my mind...

    Carolyn - I can't see how the stuffed animals can get past the dogs.

    Teresa - I'm sure its the cats, I just haven't ever caught them at it!