Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Haiku's

Shells echo coldly
The future cradled in frost
Spring gives life a home

Springs buds cruelly met
Hoar frost crystals icy grasp
Green leaves held at bay

Clouds missing skies clear
Winters cold chains the white mist
The Sun will free all


  1. nicely done, baby, i figured you were having a poetic moment. Nibbles thanks you for the ode.

  2. OFG - ....

    Goats enjoy their fame
    Nibbles distracted from gore
    Laughing at the pun

  3. Rae - I'm surprised how hard it is to count syllables. I made a mistake on the first haiku and had to change it, and I made a mistake on the one I posted to your page - ready has 2 syllables not one darn it!

    Teresa - I had those pictures, liked them, and had to figure out a way to post them. The haiku's worked out nicely.