Monday, February 13, 2012

Rhyme Time

My name is Lara and my wool is grey
I'm getting plump but its not from the hay
Come April time I'll be on needles and pins
When the lambs arrive I'm hoping for twins!

Azalea's my name and a Cascade sheep am I
Smaller than Icelandic's but a bit more shy
When its warm I like to frolic, run and play
but no matter what I do my wool is always covered in hay

This is Gardenia and she is the new queen of the farm
She is a wonderful mother and tries to keep the others from harm
Molly is her target when she runs in to play
She oft get the horns when Gardenia has her say

Zoe looks quite regal dressed in all black and white
she will have lambs in June if things turn out right
she is a playful girl and kicks her heels up like a deer
she will also Baa at me when ever I come near

Kia and Ava are a close mother daughter pair
one doesn't get very far without the other being there
I will be curious to see how they act when their little ones come due
will two become four or will they start a'new?


  1. I just love this post! Your rhymes are adorable, and the sheep too.

  2. Tayet - Thank you, although they won't be confused with anything by Emily Dickinson.

    Teresa - I needed to figure out a way to use the pictures that I liked so the rhyme theme worked out.

    Kim - Zoe is Icelandic. She was so pretty that I couldn't resist getting her.