Sunday, July 22, 2012


Meet Pebbles, she is our new Mini-Alpine goat! 

I got Pebbles from the wonderful people over at Carl B's Farm.   They have some of the best goats in South Dakota and have won numerous awards.

I decided to try a Mini-Alpine as they are larger than my Nigerians (no where near as large as regular Alpine's) and they should give me more milk.  I want something that is still easy to manage and not a huge hay burner.  An increase in the milk production will give me a chance to try making some cheese, most of the milk I currently get gets drunk before the day is out.

Pebbles is enjoying exploring her new surroundings, all the goats around her just love going in and on top of the igloo.  Pebbles markings are unique, she fits right in with the herd as no one looks anything alike!


  1. She's a beautiful girl! My does are half mini alpine.

  2. Saanens, I tell you. Anyone who wants milk should go with a Saanen. We are nice and sweet despite our larger size.

  3. Pebbles is a beauty! I love her black stockings!

  4. Tayet - Do you like them?

    Millie - Saanens are too big for us here, our fences can't handle them.

    Lynn - She is wonderfully socialized too!

  5. She's as cute a goat as I've ever seen! I love love love her markings and my heart always goes to Alpines. Mini's are in my future!

  6. Elizabeth - I can't wait to see how big she gets and how she milks, it is very exciting!