Friday, July 13, 2012

The Replacements

Of the ten eggs the hens were setting two actually hatched, I sure hope they are girls.

The three remaining Americauna chicks that we hatched out this Spring look nothing alike, I think the white one is the only hen.

I think these two are actually Americauna's while the other may be a mix with a Maran.

The two look to be a mix with the lone Rhode Island Red and Leopold the Golden Laced Wyandotte Rooster.  What were the odds of that!  We are going to have to move the peeps and their mom to the new brooder coop soon as the babies just can't manage the coop ramp at night.  The struggle to catch them to put them up for the evening may prove fatal if we don't move them soon.

This looks to be an Americauna hen, not a Wheaton like the pure white one above.   The Americauna's lay sky blue eggs, I can't wait to get some.

Unfortunately this one appears to be a rooster too.  I can't believe we will be going on our 3rd year of raising chickens.  I am told that the egg production begins to decline at this point so I hope some of the new hens pick up the slack!


  1. We are at Stage Three too, and after I move the hens to the new henhouse, I am going to have to MAKE myself check to see who is laying and who is not... otherwise, our numbers will be out of control.

  2. Mary Ann - That is why I got Americauna's, their blue eggs will help me tell who is laying and who is not as the others lay brown eggs. Lucy the lone RI Red lays the darkest brown (with spots) so I can already tell what she is up to.