Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Herd

I just love seeing the goats out grazing in the high bush.

They vary so in color, a rainbow of vegetation eating machines.

"Hoss, meet Addison - Addison, Hoss!"  It helps to let the goats eat down the plants on the other side of the ram area fence, it reduces the temptation for the rams to force the fence for a juicy piece of grass.

A good shot of the chocolate color of Gidget's baby Emma, I just love that shade.

More color variation, this is one of my favorite things about Nigerians.

Hoss longs to join the "little" herd.  He has wonderful horns.  Nothing is more fun on a sunny day than to let the goats out to graze.


  1. Such a pretty herd! I have to ask though, does the ferns that I see not make them sick or do they not eat them?

  2. Looks like beautiful browse for them. My pasture is pretty much hay now because it is so dry. I too love the variety to the goats' colors.

  3. Niece - Both the goats and the sheep will browse on the ferns but not eat them in mass, I think the moderation keeps them from getting poisoned. Either that or this variety of fern isn't toxic.

    Teresa - When I see pictures of everyone else's farms I give thanks that we aren't in a drought.

  4. Hoss does have wonderful horns! The goat herd is quite pretty with all the different colorings.