Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Sad Day

This is the milk I was able to get from Becca Boo yesterday, looks like she is done for the year.  Addison and Gidget dried up quite a while ago so it looks like the milk supply has come to an end.  The Commander is heart broken as he can barely stand the taste of store milk anymore.

A few years ago we all would have had a good laugh at the thought of "running out of goats milk", who does that?  That would have been analogous to running out of moon spice!

That all change one fateful day when I read this blog post by OFG.  She followed it up with this one and the rest was history.


  1. that is a sad day, baby. very very very sad. i finally found a local dairy that has low and slow pasturized milk. its spectacular! i dont think they have it up your way tho. drat.

  2. Solutions ???? more goats, staggered breeding / kidding dates ..... 5 months is a long drawn out wait for freshening.

  3. So sad. I think today's milking was close to the last for one of our two milkers; only got a pint. The other goat will follow in a few short weeks.

    I feel for ya girl....I feel for ya.

  4. That's not much milk! Sorry your supply is diminishing. I'm sure store bought milk is horrible compared to yours!

  5. That is a sad day! :-( I'm still getting a quart a day combined from the three I'm milking.

  6. OFG - The milk at the health food store is from a local dairy farm and it is passable, but not the same as ones own goat milk.

    Tombstone - That would be a solution but it isn't really possible with our set-up and cold Winters.

    Carolyn - Brighter days are yet to come.

    ONOTW - The difference is striking who knew?

    Teresa - The advantage of having a larger herd I suppose.

  7. Wondering if we should try the whole dairy goat thing again.

  8. Kim - Read the two links to OFG posts. We so enjoy our goats and the milk they provide!

  9. That is sad. I cannot wait for more fresh goats milk.. nothing like it. I feel your pain!

  10. Sad to learn the supply diminished. I suppose a larger herd would be next.

    Back here, it's more of cow or buffalo milk, so was always curious how chai from Goat milk squares up against that from cow and buffalo.

  11. Luckybunny - I knew other goat milk drinkers would understand!

    Anil - Welcome and thank you for commenting. I have never had buffalo milk, is the taste very differnt from cows milk? I can't increase the herd size as I don't have the space (or the time really), so milk is about a 5 month treat.