Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shearing Day

Today was shearing day! No, it isn't sheep wool. It didn't come from the goats either!

Sadly, it is time to 'shear' the vacuum. Three dogs and two cats running around in the house takes its toll on the vacuum and the carpets. It doesn't help to have two girls with very long hair either.

I was wondering what happened to the new needlepoint that I started.

ps - I was telling the Commander that our farm friends would laugh at this post while the non-farmers will be disgusted.


  1. HA! I'm so glad I'm not alone in this !! LOL...I always have a pile of "stuff" that is the size of a small dog :P lol

  2. Oh, that looks familiar. We currently have 5 indoor/outdoor dogs, 2 indoor/outdoor cats and 3 females with long hair. I can soooo sympathise.

  3. After having problems finding vacuum cleaner bags for my Eureka, I bought a bagless Eureka Pet Vac. Problem is that tube keeps getting plugged with hair. Would make beautiful roving if it wasn't full of dust and dirt, LOL.

  4. You're right, I'm laughing... and I have to empty the canister every time I vaccuum!

  5. Stacy - If only I could "spin" it into something. I doubt anyone would want to wear it though...

    Ruth - It is just amazing how much hair begins to float around in such short periods of time.

    Tombstone - I kicked that habit long ago. We now have a Dyson and have to empty it after every cleaning.

    Mary Ann - The things we do for our pets!

  6. Do you like your Dyson? It's supposed to be the best vacume. I have been using a bagless dirt devil - I love it because it's lightweight. Previously I had a heavy dirt devil that used bags. Then got a small cordless rechargeable vacume. But it would only do 1 or 2 rooms before needing charged. So now I have a bagless, but corded dirt devil, and love it.

  7. Lynn - I love the Dyson. The new ones that have the roller ball look great, but if the Commander gets me one for Christmas it will be the last thing he does!