Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mutton Stew

 I made mutton stew today, it was darned good.  I'll give approximate instructions but understand that I don't ever use exact measurements.

Two thick mutton shoulder roasts cut into chunks.
Roll the chunks in flour and salt then sear in a pan of olive oil and garlic.
Three potatoes (last ones from the garden) cut into cubes.
Three hand fulls of baby carrots.
At least one cup of chopped celery and onions.
Toss at least one tablespoon of thyme and some ground pepper into the crock pot.
One can of asparagus.
One can of beef broth and one can of onion soup.

Mix everything in the crock pot along with 1/4 cup flour and cook all day.  Add some water after 4-5 hours to ensure everything is floating!  Stir in a can of peas before serving.

Some homemade bread covered in butter along with a cool glass of fresh goats milk make the dish!  The flavors of this dish really jumped out at us.  I used wheat flour by accident and we could really taste it on the mutton and in the broth, it gave things a real hearty flavor.  The asparagus made its presence known in a big way.  The potatoes absorbed a lot of the broth and they tasted very gravy like.  Carrots always have a strong taste, especially when cooked whole.  The mutton gave the whole dish a kind of greasy flavor but it was in a good way.  The whole house smelled wonderful and the dogs kept walking around drooling.

Maybe next time I will try to add some wine?


  1. superDUPER!!! glad that it turned out! so you'll be using all that mutton and i should not start driving up your way loaded down with pork to trade?

    great work!!!

  2. I have only tasted mutton once, and the stew was made by someone who had raised sheep all his life, and was very good. Yours looks good, too!

  3. I'll have to try this...we aren't really big on lamb/mutton..but I haven't tried it in a stew..and my family LOVES stew :) I put red wine in all of my "darker" soups/stews...and where mutton is more like beef than chicken, I'd probably wine it too...and maybe add a little Worcestershire and tomato sauce...Thanks for the recipe! :)

  4. OFG - I'll still take as much pork as you will part with!

    Mary Ann - Thanks, I'm just happy we have an avenue to consume some of the mutton.

    Stacy - I can't believe your family isn't fond of lamb/mutton. I thought we were the only people raising sheep for absolutely no logical reason. I do plan on adding wine next time.