Saturday, November 3, 2012

Freezer Camp Departures

The butcher finally came today and took care of Ironwood and Alder.  Neither of them were very friendly and it was time for them to go.  I was hoping they would have left for camp earlier before they went into rut but it was not to be, I hope the meat isn't too gamey as a result.  I think we will get 60-80 pounds of meat back, let's hope we like mutton.

Their departure will allow me to break everyone off into breeding groups next week.  The Commander cleaned out the stall today and we just need to hang a few hay racks and things will be ready.

The deer hunters were out in force this morning so I'm hoping they run the wolf pack that has been hanging around off to a different location.  I would hate to lose anyone at this point.

All in all it is kind of a bittersweet day.  I'm happy the two meaner rams are gone and that I can set breeding groups next week, but I also appreciate the sacrifice the two rams made. 



  1. I hope they've run the wolf pack out too!! Deer hunters are out like crazy today.. I'm so worried that some drunken idiot is going to mistake my goats for a deer.. lol that's pretty crazy huh?

  2. mutton! are you kidding!? you're gonna love it! mutton shanks, mutton curry, and dont forget a nice MLT when the mutton is nice and lean.. i just love that.

    whoot! great work - cant wait to hear about the results. (make sure you get all the bones and stuff bad - you can make a fabulous bone broth and your dogs will be so happy!)

  3. hmmm, crock pot and garlic and onions, add a can of Campbell's French Onion soup and you may forget it is mutton.

  4. MNH - I have heard a lot of shots today but everyone here is fine. It is kind of sad when you are afraid to go out and walk your own property for fear of being shot by a hunter.

    OFG - The Commander loves mutton and lamb, we shall see about the rest of us. Mutton tacos?

    Tombstone - The crock pot is a good friend here, worst case we mix the mutton in with beef for stew or whatever. Best case we really like it!

  5. I've never had mutton, maybe one day somebody I know will have some we can try. Glad the nasty rams are gone, but yes, you have to appreciate that they filled a bit of your freezer up. Enjoy!

  6. Carolyn - They had a good life here (I think) and we will appreciate the meat they gave us.