Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Before and After.......

Our primary cleared area that we wanted to clear to make a pasture days before the sheep arrived.....

That same area three weeks later.

The day the sheep arrived....

Three weeks after. Notice the stripped saplings that look like twigs.

Before. (This is how the front area where the rams now live looks like, I wonder how long till it is eaten away?)

After. We have opened up the goat area for the sheep to graze in since the goats don't seem to eat for nourishment, only pleasure. The goats browse on what they like and leave the rest - the sheep seem to eat everything.

We are hooking up the electric netting next week once we get the batteries, hope the sheep don't mind hay in the meantime. We have done a lot of clearing and put up a lot of fence, but we definitely need more for next year. Too bad fencing isn't free,,,,


  1. Hi, looks like we have some things in common: I carved out my farm from tropical jungle (then had to clear it the second time when I had to leave it and lived in Australia for a while - and jungle trees do grow quickly in our climate!); I am also ambitious as far as things I put on the farm: first I grow fruit trees, then put in the goats, now a couple of chicks, thinking of ducks and goose next...

    I am also visited by unwanted creatures - wild boars and foxes, but have my rotti and mongrel to chase them away each time

    But the challenge continues...Welcome to read my story at

  2. Jungle? I am way too afraid of snakes to even contemplate trying to do what you have done.

  3. We spent our first year putting up perimeter fencing, and the next 2 years putting up cross fencing. The sheep turned dead zones into lush pastures, and overgrown areas into lush pastures. But the before and after photos you show here are great! You'll get there! : D

    ~ Ronda

  4. Thanks Ronda, I am just amazed at how quickly they have eaten everything. We have the electric fence set up now so they have more room to browse.