Sunday, August 8, 2010

No Unicorns

Last night we got 5 1/2" of rain. 5 1/2"! We could have used an ark, but even if we did have one it would have been full - no more room for unicorns. Pictured above is Gidget, she is the newest and last addition this year, our farm is now full.

Gidget is 4 weeks younger than Becca, yet she is so tiny in comparison. Gidget was one of a group of quads and was a bottle baby.

Gidget weighs 11 pounds while Becca weighs in at 25 pounds.

Gidget still wanders off one her own at times, she isn't quite part of the herd yet.

Gidget is peeking around the tree at Becca. Gidget gets "butted" by the others at times, but not while Sara is around. For whatever reason Sara moves in to run the other goats off when they start getting rough with little Gidget. Chip will spend his nights with her in the birthing stall until everyone gets used to her. Yesterday she slipped out under the railing leaving Chip by himself in the barn, OH - MY - GOODNESS - Chip was screaming like he was trapped in a slaughter house! I am fairly certain that the neighbors were considering calling the police.

Anyhow, Gidget is now the little baby. We are done getting new critters, it is now time to plan the breeding schedule and start getting ready for winter.


  1. Gidget is adorable!!! She is all head! Love the pic of her peeking around the tree!

  2. When I saw her and her huge ears all I could think of was the flying nun - Sally Fields - so Gidget seemed to be a good name for her. Hopefully she will grow into her ears soon.