Monday, August 30, 2010

Bench Players

I went to a "Chicken Swap" this weekend and picked up this bench for $10.00, heck, I couldn't make one for that price. When I saw it I immediatly thought that it would make a great goat bench.

Addison totally agreed and was the first to jump up and try it.

Becca Boo was next and she enjoyed it too.

"I can see out into our pasture from here. Hey,who is that eating our grass!"

"It's one of them danged sheep, the one they call Kia. Scat, scram, get out of here, that grass is for goats!"

"Some day soon I am going to be big enough to jump up on the bench."


  1. Becca Boo is beautiful - nice correct doe with good confirmation. Just had to say :)

  2. John, Gidget was quite sick and adjusting to her new home when she arrived here but she is doing just fine now. She loves to be held and tries to make a sad face when she doesn't get her way.

    Country, Thank you so much, Becca Boo is our great hope for having a special milker here on our farm.