Monday, August 16, 2010

Ramming Speed

Fall is in the air here and the little boys are starting to turn into Rams. I gauged that it was time to move the boys away from the girls before any unauthorized breeding occurred. So we trapped everyone in the barn, gave them their shots and oral wormer, and then we carried the boys to their new (temporary) lodging.

If you think it looks like a hunting tent then you are indeed correct. The boys will shelter in here until we can put up a more permanent shelter or make them a straw bale fortress.

Alder (in white) is really strong and healthy and I was sure he was going to be the dominant ram, that was until I saw Kilarney butt him back and take charge. Kilarney has been struggling with soft poo, so when he got his shot he also had the wool around his behind trimmed.

Ironwood has the most beautiful horns for a little youngling.

The sheep have eaten the other areas down to nothing, I wonder how long it will take them to clear this area.

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