Monday, August 23, 2010

More Before and After

This is the goat pasture 10 days before we let the sheep in to have at it.

The area was overgrown to the point where the goats would not even browse, they couldn't get to the plants that they liked.

The whole place was lush, ripe, and ready for the sheep.

The sheep ate the pasture down to nothing.

The goats don't have anything left to eat, so we now let them out to browse in the yard.

"They made a desert and called it peace." This quote was made famous by Tactius, a Roman author, describing a defeated leaders feeling towards how his people were treated by their Roman conquerors. I wonder if the Romans had sheep in their armies?


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  2. If you don't want a "desert", then it's up to you to move the sheep to another pasture! In the wild, sheep eat and move and eat and move along. As farmers, we are enclosing them inside fences and preventing them from "moving along." So it is our responsibility to watch the pasture and move them to fresh pasture before it gets too short.

    ~ Ronda

  3. Ronda, We had to wait for the electric fence before we could move them. The sheep surprised us with how quickly they "ate" the pasture areas.