Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dear Lambs......

Dear Lambs, Wish you were here! I can't believe no one has lambed yet. I also can't believe that Azalia escaped her enclosure three more times again today. As I watched her she walked the fence line and tested every cattle panel, pausing and trying to force each one with her head and or hips. She is a smart one, nothing like her father Killarney who I think has the "stupid gene".

See these logs in the ram pen? The Commander figured they would be harmless until he got around to cutting them up and hauling them out....he thought wrong.

The Commander didn't figure that he would have to deal with Killarney's "stupid gene". How in the world did Killarney manage to get his horns caught on those branches?

Just so you know, this isn't the first time I have found Killarney with his horns trapped on a log or branch, nor was it the second, it was in fact the third. It is hard to believe that he is Azalia's dad.


  1. It would be funny if it weren't so.... pitiful! Three times!

  2. pure talent... thats whatcha got there, friend, pure talent....

  3. OMG LOL hahahahha..that is FUNNY! Maybe he had oxygen deprivation at birth? :P Or maybe he thinks you need the excitement in your life LOL

  4. Now that took some real talent to get his horns stuck like that ;) Poor guy!

  5. Mary Ann - Combine the trees with getting his horns caught in the fence and watching him almost becomes a full time job.

    OFG - His continuing stunts have me in awe!

    Stace - It wouldn't be so bad rescuing him if he didn't fight so hard to remain trapped!

    Shannon - I was amazed when he got his horns stuck on a waist level branch a must have side-stepped 10 yards along the trunk to make freeing him a nightmare (as well as requiring a 3 person rescue team).

  6. :) :) I've missed reading your posts, and this one was just fun. Sorry about Killarney... We've had our share of stupid genes here too. It's funny in hindsight, and they make for good stories.


  7. Mary - I have missed your blogging but I see that you have a new one started. My family doesn't believe half the stuff I tell them about what goes on around here.