Monday, April 23, 2012

What The?

I was out in the yard, turned the corner and came across this. Why is the wheelbarrow placed over this rock?

Why is this rock sitting in the middle of the grass on top of a pile of muddy soil?

This explains it. She sure looks guilty.

Seems Molly has been digging a hole in the yard and the Commander decided that the rock may prevent her from digging it back up.  One would think the cone would prevent some of this!

Here are three of the four chicks that hatched out last week.

They sure are cute.

They all hatched out of the blue eggs but do you notice something? Is the black one normal? All the pictures I have seen of Blue Wheaton Americauna chicks show them fluffy and yellow - not black.

I had so much fun hatching the chickens that I thought I would give hatching guineas a try. In 28 days I will see how this turns out.


  1. Poor, pathetic (yet funny) looking pooch!! Is that cone EVER gonn'a come off?

  2. Hah! I can't believe she can dig in that cone! My dogs walk around looking like they will die when they are "coned." What a little stinker :)

  3. Carolyn - The cone is now off but now she has an injured hip, poor Molly.

    Stevie - Molly is all energy all the time, nothing stops her. The cone does stop her from wriggling under the fence to chase the sheep...

  4. Love guinea keets. The pearls are so cute with their little stripes.

    Yes, Molly certainly looks sheepish - so to speak.

  5. Faith - The guineas are so odd looking that they are beautiful. That's Molly!

  6. Chai Chai....More questions about the Brinsea... I'm at day 6... I know I need to put a paper towel in there at Day 2 and take the turner OUT... fill the water up full with the guard in...did you set out to hatch seven and hatch only four? Did you wait 24 hours before taking the other eggs out? I have bantam eggs in there...and will wait 24....I may go ahead and buy some day old pullets from the chickman on Saturday so our hatch will have some company.

  7. Mary Ann - I started out to hatch 7 eggs that I had sent to me in the mail. I was able to hatch 4 and I was happy with that ratio for several reasons. First, since they were sent via the mail I have no idea how roughly they were handled. Second, it was so early in the season that the eggs may not have been fertilized. The Brinsea worked as advertised, the auto turning and temp and humidity control was great.

    I took the chicks out after 14 hours so it may possibly hurt the chances of the unhatched eggs but there wasn't a lot of room left and i didn't want to hurt the chances of the living chicks. The four hatchlings are doing great.