Friday, April 13, 2012

Cone Head

Still no lambs with little cone heads. I'm posting this picture for Stace who is an expert on judging lambing dates by viewing sheep from certain angles. "Stace, do you think Lara is ready to lamb yet?"

While I was waiting for the lambs I took a walk around the house and found this. How would some tupperware find itself half buried in the flower bed?

....and it looks like it has been chewed.

Now I see, it seems Molly wants to bury a plastic dish like it is a bone. Another bad habit that I need to stop her from continuing.

Molly has really grown, unfortunately for her it is time to get her fixed.

Molly does not like wearing her cone head. She doesn't do a very good job of judging how wide the cone is and is ramming into everyone and everything.

The cone is mostly used to prevent her from chewing the area on her leg where she had her mutant extra toe removed. Unfortunately Molly has learned that the cone amplifies her "talk: howling, it's going to be a long 2 weeks.

p.s.  I have not seen anything as funny as watching Molly try to run full speed outside with the wind blowing.   The wind catches in her cone and she is careening all over the place!


  1. She's getting pretty wide! When her *ahem* vulva starts to get puffy and pink or reddish...that usually means imminent birth. I can't really see her udder it firm and full? I'm no expert..Ruthie just lambed and although I did comment to myself this morning that she was looking extra pink, I was really expecting Ada to go first. I should have known..Ada is evil afterall :P
    Love the cone pics...poor funny LOL :P

  2. Stace - As far as I can see she is all black down there, I don't think she would show any pink.

  3. they do a bit...because the inner part starts to swell as well...its not as obvious..but there will be a visual difference. Or that is my assumption...I have a all black one too...and I've been trying to keep an eye on her...Ill let you know if my theory holds :)

  4. Stace - Lara only lifts her tail when the chickens around, and then she wags it like a puppy as a party. I will be curious how your theory plays out.

  5. Molly is a very pretty girl, even with her conehead!

  6. OK, I know I shouldn't laugh at poor Molly, but that has GOT to be frekking HILL-arious watching her run around in the wind!!

  7. Mary Ann - Molly really is a cutie!

    Carolyn - It can literally bring tears to your eyes.

  8. Haha ~ so funny. I sent pics like that to my breeder earlier when our sheep were lambing. She taught me a different way to check though. You have the tail and then you have the tail that is really part of her back. When all the ligaments loosen to allow the birth, you should be able to pinch your index finger and thumb all the way under the upper part of the tail (on the back). When you can feel your fingers touch together with only skin in between, then it should only be 12 hours or so. Once we figured this out (and it took a couple of times, it really helped us with timing. Good luck and have fun with lambing!

  9. Kim - I use that method with the goats. Unfortunately the sheep are too wary to let me get a hold of them easily to check their ligaments so I am left trying to guess.