Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ram Pen Cleaning

My dad is coming to visit and he wants to do some carpentry work around here, especially in the ram pen. That means it was time to get the place cleaned out from the Winter mess.

The cattle panel divider that was keeping me safe from them was actually broken in places. When the Commander and I tried to pull it out we discovered it was stuck fast, we were going to have to dig it out.

It seems that there was quite a bit of waste hay in there.

A lot more than either of us had imagined!

Hoss was excited by all the commotion and came forward for some loving. He loves to have his head rubbed, it makes his little tail wag so fast.

This is why there is so much waste hay in there, these guys are pigs.

Three and one half hours later we were done. The treated wood was wet but clear.

I put down a bit of DE and then opened the dutch doors to let things air out and dry. Four rams is too many, someone is going to have to go.

We are going to have the rams sheared this year as they are too hard to roo. From left to right we have; Wild Man (Alder), Ironwood, and Killarney.

And of course there is Hoss, he is staying.

Ironwoods horns are magnificent, but since he is suspected of killing Jeepers and Alma he is going to go.

Killarney's horn are wider but less massive. Like Hoss he is also very gentle so he will probably stay.

Wild Man (Alder) has very wide horns and also hasn't been bred with any of the girls except for Kia so he will stay and get a shot at all the girls next year.

Next up, pictures of the wonderful work my father completed for me!


  1. A farm is always so much work! Today I have been working around here all day, and I'm beat! I'm taking a couple min to check out my friends' blogs, and I see you've been working, too!


  2. The rams are magnificent, but I noticed you said "Protect me from them" in your post.... very wise!

  3. Lynn - Everyone is exhausted from the weekend, what an ironic turn of events.

    Mary Ann - Yep, rams may be nice and may even try to act nice but they are still rams - dangerous animals!

  4. Want to come do mine, now? :)

  5. First of all, way to go dad wanting to come and do carpentry work! I love him. lol just what every farm girl wants and needs. Second of all very handsome boys- and third, I hear you about the waste hay. I've been spring cleaning and whoa kids... hay is not free LOL. Look forward to the pics of what dad did while he was visiting!

    1. LuckyBunny - I had no idea how much hay gets wasted and the sheep are way better eaters than the goats! My dad does better work than we could pay to have done....

  6. Nancy - Finding a place to put the waste hay would have been a huge problem if the Commander hadn't cleared the drainage area. If you kick in for the trip to Hawaii I'll be on my way....