Saturday, April 28, 2012

Moving Hay

We had 100 bales of hay delivered Thursday so today was the day to move them.

The Commander put 34 bales onto the ram shed and 16 into the loft over the goats, that left 50 to go in with the lambs and their moms. Since the lambs have been born the girls have been eating like crazy. The grass is still a bit dormant because the temperatures have been so cold and variable so the girls are going to have to be on hay for a bit longer.

Putting 50 bales into the loft over the sheep barn doesn't come close to filling it. We have never filled it up but it could probably hold 125-150 bales.

Still plenty of room left up here.

Bristol and Bently sure are cute.

Berkley and Brighton resting after racing around the barn.


  1. These guys are all so adorable!

  2. That's alot of hay! The lambs are so very cute!

  3. Sounds like a busy day! Your little ones sure are cute.

  4. ang - You can really see the Soay branch of the Cascade family in Gardenia's two little ones. They really are cute.

    Lynn - I sure hope that is the end of moving hay for a while!

    Prairie Cat - Thanks for stopping by! Some mornings I bring a chair out to sit with the lambs and just watch them bounce around.

  5. Adorable lambs! Now thats a lotta hay!!

  6. Chai Chai: Thanks for the answer to my hatching question... I am day three, so will be pulling the turner tomorrow, and then crossing my fingers. I am hoping we get a full hatch... but after your comment, will set only four eggs next to give the chicks plenty of room. Here's hoping!

  7. Mary Ann - You will see for yourself how the space inside the incubator works out. I figure that they wouldn't have designed it for seven if there wasn't room for them. I think I was worried last time for the three eggs that didn't hatch, if they all hatched on the same day I don't think it would have been a problem

  8. My garden at the farm was doing so well as we continued to add straw to the raised beds and did not mess with them. The soil was turning soft and brown and was filling with worms. I can imagine how rich yours is getting!

    Things have certainly come a long way. That cleared land is looking good.

  9. How do you get all the hay in the loft? Just carrying up a ladder?

  10. Faith - We have worms a plenty, the soil is really looking good!

    Christopher - The Commander tosses them up into the loft and then climbs up to stack them. The loft is at least 8 feet above the floor.