Thursday, April 12, 2012

This Stall is too Small!

This stall is not too small to be used a a lambing jug (for the lambs that STILL aren't here), but I usually use it to store hay, supplies, and the grain barrel.

The stall IS too small for five pregnant sheep to somehow sneak into to devour the hay stash while trying to get into the grain barrel.

When I found them they barely had room to move. No, I didn't fall for the innocent looks on their mischievous faces.

They were packed in like sardines with totally full tummies full of unauthorized hay.

They left me with a huge mess that needed to be cleaned up. Thankfully I was getting ready to clean the stall out to make room for lambing (that seems to never happen)!


  1. Oo..naughty sheep! Ada is usually my instigator...but she's too fat to escape I have a reprieve :P I really hope she doesn't triplet...that's all I need...3 lambs that act just like their mother :/

    Did you get it all cleaned up and the jugs ready?

  2. Stace - Goats get into mischief, sheep get into food. I read somewhere that sheep inherit personality from their parents - good luck with the triplets! I got the stalls cleaned up, their invasion was the final straw that spurred me into action.

  3. Awww, they are so cute!!! How could you be angry with them? Maybe babies this weekend? I'm glad all the moms are in good spirits and are doing well pre-birthing. That's a good sign, right? I'll be reading your blog, waiting for the news!


  4. Ha! Those sheep really do look as though they enjoyed themselves!

  5. Lynn - It always amazes me how they find their way into the food stall and then get trapped in the mess. I worry that they will hurt themselves before I discover them, especially when they are pregnant. Lambing, any day now (I hope).

    Andrea - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! They had a lot of fun making the mess, I had less fun cleaning it up.