Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't color brown eggs. Happy Easter!

Still no lambs. I think they have decided to all lamb at the same time. Lara and Gardenia are huge, Azalea has dropped and Ava looks suspicious. I have put everyone into their own stalls (kind of). Lara and Zoe get to room by themselves because I don't want them to trample any little ones. Kia and her baby Avalon room together in the last stall, I figure that with only Ava pregnant that there should be enough room. Gardenia and Azalea share the walkway, it is the biggest open area so there is plenty of room.

I still have hopes for Easter lambs but the girls have some work to do tonight.


  1. It sounds like things get complicated in lambing season.

  2. Hope you get those Easter Lambs, I had a single Dorper ewe lamb born this morning.

  3. Nice colored eggs! Alas, we didn't color any here as I'm still in the "why can't I peel those darned things" phase. Hope you had a nice Easter :)

  4. Lynn - Happy Easter to you too!

    Ian - I currently only have three stalls and a walkway with six ewes. Hopefully my dad can get back to divide the walkway so they all can have their own stall.

    Tombstone - Easter lambs a especially blessed!

    Carolyn - Follow the link I had on your comments page, there are a lot of different recipes listed there.