Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Day of Joyous Labor

This handsome fellow was back (Parading Around) on the campaign trail and marching in the local Labor Day parade in support of his favorite candidate for Congress. "Vote for Chip!"

Once again Chip was a big hit with children and adults alike. Chip marched happily along the route on his leash all while wearing his new outfit.

Chip has been on TV, on the local news, and even has Face Book posts displaying his image, but his most important impact can be seen in the hearts and shining eyes of all the children who he allowed to pet and hug him this parade season.


  1. You know, Chip is an extremely handsome fellow. It's no wonder he's been on TV. Of course, it could be the uniform.


  2. Oh dear, now Lucky Nickel is all irritated that she has not been in parades or on TV. What a conundrum...

  3. Men in uniform.....always attractive.

    Lucky Nickel may not have been on TV, but she has her own blog at times.

  4. Hi Chai Chai. My lady saw your question about why so many colours for the fleece. She rolled her eyes at you. Imagine! How rude! You see, she is kind of a fiber fanatic, and she likes pretty multi-coloured yarns, so when she spins up the fleece, it comes out in all those different colours and she says it makes pretty scarves and mittens and stuff. I think she should grow her own fleece instead of using the sheep's wool. Silly human.
    **Lucky Nickel**

  5. I guess I just thought of yarn as being all one color, your Lady has more imagination than me.