Sunday, September 12, 2010

Star Award

I would like to thank Grandpa for nominating me for the Star Award. Please visit Grandpa's blog and follow his adventures in the rain forest as he tries to live side by side with critters like wild boars while growing exotic foods like bananas! Life on The Farm

To accept the award I need to do a few things; discuss why I blog, discuss how I choose my topics, and pass the award on to other deserving blogs.

OK, why do I blog? When the Commander and I decided to start this homestead we knew we had to do our research before we committed to anything. We had all kinds of questions. What type of animals should we get? What type of shelter do we need? Fences? Is it too cold here? Medicine? Storey's Guides were great, as were various informational pages on the internet, but we found that we needed more, and it was then that we discovered blogs! I couldn't believe all the adventures that were taking place out in the wide world that dealt with the mundane chores associated with farming. The great thing about blogs was that I could ask questions, and I often found I was finding answers to questions that I never even imagined asking. That is why I decided to blog. I figured I could share my experiences with other folks who decided to take the plunge and start a homestead from scratch, just like us!

How do I decide what to blog? Things just seem to happen here. Projects get started or completed, problems arise and get solved, hilarious situations occur at the drop of a hat and sadness is always looming - life happens. The seasons turn and I am enjoying it in new ways and I am experiencing life in ways that I never imagined. We are so blessed to share our lives with these precious animals and I want to share my adventures with my family, friends, and my blogging brethren.

Who to pass the award on to? There are so many good blogs out there and some of my favorites are listed on the right side of my blog. If you haven't experienced the Ohio Farm Girls humor you are missing out, Critter Farm tells wonderful stories via pictures, GoatGirl from Beyond the Sidewalks has the most beautiful Goats in the country, but these blogs are already heavily awarded so I will alert readers to two other wonderful blogs.

Lemonade Adventures is wonderfully inspirational and always chock full of hope for future generations.

Cat at Egg in my Pocket has a great sense of humor and is always full of surprises. Please read her older posts to learn about "flax spikes" and "knitting like thunder", it will be time well spent.

Once again I would like to thank Grandpa for finding merit in my blog.


  1. Oh, now, this was fun. And I always love good, new blog recommendations, so THANK YOU.
    But really? I want to say: Congratualations on your award!!

  2. Thanks Chai Chai,

    I began a blog for the same reasons. Gratitude for all the wonderful information out there, and wanting to offer something to others who might be in my situation. Maybe a little contribution to "all things working out for good".

    I don't think I've ever been nominated for an award by an Ocicat before. :o)