Thursday, September 23, 2010

Paint and Mud

This is what the site of the sheep barn looked like in May. Notice the snow covered woodpile on the right, it is the same as the wood pile in the picture below.

It is hard to believe how different things look. The trees are mostly gone, the chicken coop and the fencing are new, and of course the sheep barn is now in place.

The goat barn is off on the right of the picture. The dirt mountain has finally been spread over the sand road but I'm not sure if there is enough time before winter for the grass seed to take. We may spend this Fall and next Spring wallowing in mud.

The painting of the sheep barn turned out very nice. Notice the leaves in the background turning color, we are already deep into the Fall season here in northern Minnesota.

Some of the grass planted on the sides of the sheep barn have sprouted, hopefully they will stop the soil from eroding around the barn this coming Spring.


  1. I remember how happy I was when we finally got the barn yard fenced off and some grass seed growing in there. What a blessing to not have to wallow in mud all winter.

    Your barnyards look lovely, so picturesque.


  2. Faith/Ronda, Thank you - we are trying. Can't wait until the mud is gone and replaced by grass.