Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weight Watchers

I needed a way to get the weights of my goats (and next years new lambs) so I ordered a hanging scale from Hoegger Goat Supplies. It works great, I just secure the top to a cross bar in the barn, attach the scale, and I am ready to go.

Gidget loved hanging in the sling, she reminded me of a baby hanging in a swing. Gidget was 13.5 pounds, up 2.5 pounds from four weeks ago.

Becka Boo weighed in at 29, up four pounds. She was not sure what to make of the hanging sling and was happy to get down when she was finished.

Chip loves trying anything new, he weighed 34.5 up from 31 last month. He is so handsome and easy going.

Addison (not pictured) gained one pound, coming in at 39 pounds. Addison wouldn't let us take a picture of her because one never shows a ladies weight.


  1. LOL Cute. :o)

    I love Hoegger's. Great shopping place.


  2. Thats neat! I just hold each of mine and get on the bathroom scale... but they are almost getting too big for it. I would love one of those!

  3. Melanie, We would do almost the same thing - just using the Wii Fit board!

  4. I want to get one -- I have the sling. Its always one thing at a time here. Soon I can afford it -I think

  5. CAH, I just think they look so cute hanging in the sling, heck, it is worth having it even without the scale.