Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bye Bye Berkley!

Some nice people came to the farm last week and they decided that Berkley was the ram for them!

They also took Zoe...

...and Belle to keep him company.

That left little Bablo as the only lamb remaining from this years birthings.  I never would have imagined that we would have sold seven sheep and two kids this year.  Those sales paid for the entire years supply of hay and then some!

I know I can't keep all the animals that are born here but every year there is one that just breaks my heart when they leave.  "I will miss you Berkely!  I hope you have a good life at your new home!"


  1. Glad they went to a new/nice home and that you've got some hay money for the rest of them :)

  2. I am the same way, can't stand to see them go, but always not wanting to be overrun, either... not good for the animals or the farmer!

  3. Renee - With the cost of hay and feed the animals have to be at least close to break even. They are our insurance policy in case the economy can find a way to get even worse.

    Mary Ann - I was tempted to keep more than I should have but I know what the barns can hold in the Winter. Plus the cost of hay and feed is just too darn much.