Monday, September 3, 2012

Laboring Day

They hay racks have really cut down the mess and wasted hay in the sheep barn, but we still need to clean it.  So this Labor Day weekend was spent doing just that!

The ram shed was cleaned clear down to the boards and left to dry while the rams were busy out in their pasture.  They only get to graze in their pasture once a week so they didn't even notice the work that was going on.

The girls barn is a bit harder to keep clean because of the amount of traffic.  As the lambs are sold off things become easier although I do miss the lambs!

I love a clean goat barn with the smell of fresh wood chips!  Too bad it doesn't last very long.

The waste hay was dumped in low areas in the forest to fill in mosquito breeding spots while the hay that had more poo in it was spread in selected area to improve the soil and fill in holes.  The places where we did this last year have grown lush and green, I hope it keeps working.

I wasn't the only one exhausted by the end of the weekend!


  1. I know what you mean about the nice smell when it's clean. The chicken house, with cedar, is so nice. And so short... I love the puppy picture!


  2. Cat - Both the dogs spent most of today resting, they were really worn out too! I wish I had my own saw mill so I had an unending supply of wood chips to use.

  3. Love that last picture! An unending supply of wood chips would be handy wouldn't it? It takes all that time to clean up and about five minutes for it to go away, but there is no better feeling than when everything is clean!

  4. Luckybunny - So true, I even fed the goats outside that day so it could stay clean for a few extra hours. I need my own saw mill!

  5. Love Molly's picture. If you pour some rough concrete where the sheep and goats go in and out of the barn it will help keep their feet worn down.

  6. Tombstone - They have rocks in their pastures but you are correct, concrete would wear them down. The problem with concrete is that it will always be there, I'm not sure we are ready for that yet.