Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ruffles have ridges...Do eggs?

Click on the picture above and take a close look at the egg.  It is full of ridges and wrinkles.  Do older chickens lay older looking eggs?  Ha!

Seriously, that is one odd looking egg.


  1. I found that these wer generally produced by a hen that was just starting to lay again.

  2. Ouch! lol
    I have some eggs that are rough in texture...but that egg is crazy! Is the shell extra hard?

  3. Ian - They all have been laying so I have no idea what happened with this egg.

    Stacy - The egg is extra wide and thick feeling, it is over sized for the egg container!

  4. That is an odd looking egg. I have seen some with a little ridge but none like that. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  5. I've had several like that, and they were
    ALL from the elderly hens!

  6. Bobbi Jo - The whole egg is full of ridges and wrinkles, it is thick and heavy too.

    Mary Ann - This hen just turned three and this is her 2nd full year of laying. Is that old for a chicken?

  7. we get some like that from time to time.... sometimes you just get a crazy egg. :-D

  8. I have one chicken that always lays eggs that look just like that now. She is 3 I believe, or will be 3 next month. She is a bantam hen, and it seems the small birds don't live as long as the larger birds, or that's just what I believe. Her eggs have a thin shell, when I crack the bumpy egg the shell almost crumbles. I have been giving the birds extra calcium since this started, but it hasn't stopped her from laying these odd bumpy eggs. I eat these eggs myself, I don't give them to other people like I do with most of my eggs, as they just look odd...

  9. OFG - I already have one chicken that lays very sandpaper like and fragile eggs, all I need is for miss "wrinkles" to add to my odd egg collection.

    Lynn - I have to admit that this egg was targeted for the Commanders plate!