Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The NOT Empty Chair

Cascade sheep are easier to handle than Icelandic sheep because they are about 1/3 smaller but that doesn't mean that the process of trimming their hooves and giving shots is effortless.  I'm always looking for ways to do things better so when I saw the Sheep Chair on the Premier web page I figured I'd give it a try.

Here is Brighton after getting his ear tag and hooves trimmed in the chair, he may be a bit too small for the contraption.

The goats came into the sheep barn to steal some kelp from the free choice mineral feeder so Gidget had her chance at using the chair.  The Nigerian Dwarf goats were just too small to fit comfortably in the chair so Gidget had to get her hooves trimmed with the Commander holding her while he was seated in a lawn chair.

I keep sheep minerals, kelp, and baking soda available for the sheep at all times.  The baking soda is supposed to prevent bloat.  I have never had a case pf bloat here and the sheep eat it as needed so I think it works.  All the animals love kelp - who knew?

He thinks he looks like a pirate with his new ear tag!

Belle looks very lovely and delicate.  Both her and Bablo have very thick and soft fleece.

Berkley fits the chair perfectly.  He was so easy to handle, it was almost as if he ran into the stall and took a seat.  He is a very handsome and gentle fellow!

I don't think we could have handled Zoe without the chair.  It did seem like she was laboring to breath, I wonder if the chair was at the wrong incline angle?  Does anyone else use this type of chair?  If so I would love tips on how you do things.


  1. Should it be called the Sheep Seat or Caprine Chair depending on who is sitting in it?? Feeble attempt at making a funny. Try saying "Sheep Seat" five times fast!

    Anyways, I've always trimmed goat hooves or given shots while they are stuck in the milking stand or the males while tied to a short lead against the fence. I have to admit that the Sheep Seat seems like a good invention though!

  2. I have bought from Premier before, but have never seen this chair... very interesting! Seems like it would help.

  3. Love that sheep chair!! Wish I had one back in the day-Shetlands are smaller-but very unhappy about being worked on !!

  4. Carolyn - I found there was too much struggling when I used the milk stand and I couldn't get the sheep to try it if I tried. This solution has worked out very well so far.

    Mary Ann - I found it listed as a "Deck Chair".

    Rain - Sure saves on the back!

  5. That sheep chair looks like a real back saver! I keep meaning to try kelp with our goats, but I wasn't sure if they'd actually like it. May have to try it now :)

  6. Curbstone - Sorry for the delay in posting your comment. The chair really does save ones back - that is a fact!