Sunday, April 24, 2011


Azalia was born this morning right before church. I just had time to get my mother to come out to the barn and we both watched Gardenia give birth. Life truly is a miracle. In almost no time flat she was up and nursing, Gardenia did a marvelous job of getting her cleaned off. She has a broad nose like her father Killarney. What a blessing, an Easter lamb.

Azalia weighed in at 7.5 lbs, a bit bigger than either of Jeepers twins.

In keeping with our naming theme this year (Places in Michigan) I picked the name Azailia for our newest little ewe. A flower name is perfect for the Daughter of Gardenia.

Azalia's current coloring is medium brown fading to a soft caramel with grey highlights. She is very long legged and tall. Here she is with her proud mother.

I am making an effort to hold all the new ewe's in an attempt to get them to be a little more tame than their mothers. The current score is two ewe's and one ram with two more birthings to go.


  1. She is just precious! Such a cute face and a cute name to go with it! Happy Easter!

  2. Oh she is so beautiful! What a great Easter present!

  3. Beautiful baby! Congratulations!

  4. No matter how many times you have seen it, it is always thrilling to watch a new life come into the world:)
    Azalia is very cute!

  5. ok they deserve a little snuggle. just go ahead and get some nappies and put them there beside you on the couch when you watch Dancing With The Stars

    great work baby! whoooot! easter lamb!

  6. Awww, such a cute baby! She has curly whirly hair! I love her coloring.


  7. She is so beautiful!! I love the video, videos make things so real! I felt like I was right there watching proud mama Gardenia with her newborn daughter. Isn't it funny how the baby wants to stand up right after birth? Amazing. Imagine if human babies started walking right away??? Thank you for sharing these moments with your blog friends.

  8. Oooooohhhhh! She's my favorite!!

  9. Do I see bare arms on you? That is indeed a very good sign that things are warming up around you! :-) :-)
    What an absolutely gorgeous little lamb. Seriously. Your sheep are the most gorgeous I've ever seen.
    I think in order for your new lambs to really become tame you're going to need to take the inside. You need kitchen lambs, I'm thinking. Kind of like the kitchen chicken I've got right now. :-)

  10. Third time is a charm... I hope! Google lost my post twice, so I'm giving Firefox a chance.

    Congratulations and Very Cool! I also loved the short video. This is something I've been wanting to do on my website for years and haven't yet figured out how to do that.

    Mark has Greener Pastures Azalea, who is a half sister to Gardenia and looks nearly identical to her, and Mark considers Azalea his best ewe. So your Azalia has an "Aunt Azalea!" : D I think that's very cool!

    We had two Easter lambs; both boys. I just came online to post pics, and discovered your wonderful news! I love it.

    ~ Ronda

  11. Ohh very sweet and very good looking!
    If you need another cute name: Dalarna??
    it's a town in Switzerland...

    Thanks and hope she does well!

  12. Michaele - Thank You, Happy Easter as well!

    Debbie - The only thing that would have made it better would have been if two of the girls had given birth. I was so happy to get another ewe.

    Teresa - Thank you.

    Karen - Life is a miracle and I truly feel blessed to have such wonderful healthy animals. I was so happy to be able to see the birth.

    OFG - You may get your wish and see some pictures soon....and I did it with no tequila this time!

    Tayet - I can't wait to get her out in the sunshine to see her true colors. The lambs wool is so so soft right now. I was told that the curls will lead to natural breaks in the fleece - highly desirable.

    Lynn - I got several videos and pictures of the whole process, amazing. I couldn't image human babies walking right away, let alone having to lick them clean!

    Danni - We got 60* Sunday and Monday but expecting snow Tuesday night - drat. I hope to see pictures of the kitchen chicken, and I don't mean dinner either.

    Rhonda - That is too funny about Aunt Azalea and their close lineage. Thank goodness the names are spelled differently! Two more rams for you? The girls need to work and getting you few more ewes for the two flocks you are getting together.

    Leontien - That is a cute name, but then so is Leontien! She is doing great but her mother won't nurse in front of us, shy I guess.

  13. I cant get over the wool,unbelievable!
    Your babies are so cute!
    I pick mine up everyday,it really helps in the long run.

    to answer you question on my blog, a blind teat is when a cow has a extra teat,sometimes two,they are no bigger then half a pinkie finger if that.
    Most don't have milk,some have very little milk,they are called dry or blind teats.
    Jessie has a very tiny 5th teat,all her calf's try to nurse it because they can mouth it better,we actually now just put a piece of tape on it to prevent that.Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Farmer - Thank for the information of the blind teat, I had never heard that before. I sure hope the handling of the lambs helps, nice to hear someone else is doing it as well.

  15. She is precious! Love her color and all of her curls :)

  16. Thank you Shannon, I am surprised at how soft the lamb's wool is.