Thursday, April 7, 2011

When are My Lambs?!?

I don't know when the ewe's are going to lamb. Unlike the goats where I knew the exact date when they were bred, I only have a rough idea of when the sheep are due. I have narrowed the window down to around a 60 day period. My friend Stace posted a few hints on when one could expect that the ewes are just about ready, so I have to credit (blame) her for two of the following pictures. Can you guess which two they are? Jeepers looks to me like she is carrying twins.

I compared this shot to the one on Stace's page (where her ewe lambed the next day) and it doesn't look like Jeepers is quite ready to pop just yet.

Gardenia is large but as a first timer I'm sure she is only carrying one lamb.

This shot doesn't make me think Gardenia is ready to birth in the next few days either.

Jeepers spends a lot of time in a seeming stretch position. Maybe it makes here tummy feel better.


Jeepers. They look like Tribbles.

I think Orchid is pregnant but if I had to guess I would think she is closer to the end of the 60 days than the beginning.

When I trimmed Kia's hooves she had a bit of a tummy so I hope she lambs this year as well. Now that the goats have kidded I spend most of my days watching the ewes for any signs of labor. I'm sure this means that they will lamb one evening at around 2 am.


  1. I had to giggle at this post, I've been here too. Sheep are so much harder than goats, like you I don't know the exact days my ewes were bred just a rough time period, and they are way harder to read before they lamb. Goats give you a lot more signs and warnings. By the pics, they don't look ready, but I find it comes quick, one minute everything looks fairly normal, and then poof, lambs. However they will swell more. They are nice and fat and surely are full of healthy lambies. My one ewe finally lambed yesterday a month after I thought she would! Every year it's the first week in March, this year, April. But you are getting close. :)

  2. Have they started to bag up at all? Good luck! It's exciting to watch through your eyes.

  3. They do have a way of making us give up sleep don't they?

  4. Oh I remember the waiting game and visits to the barn with my Shetlands! But they were so good about handling the situation themselves-I'd come out in the morning and be greeted by a tiny face or two baaaaing up at me! Fantastic!! Good Luck--can't wait to see the results!!~~Rain

  5. Awesome pics! I know how hard it can be to get a sheep to stand still to look at her nether oldest ewe has "butt radar" and if I even LOOK at her behind she will turn around and glare at me. Now that you have a base it will be easier to tell though, they will get really pink/red the closer birth gets...if she's really close you will be able to see*ahem*...while she is walking away from you...and the lighter colored ewes are MUCH easier to can really see the color change with them. Looks like you have at least a couple of sets of twins in your future!!! :)

  6. I hope they lamb soon!! I bet their babies will be really cute.

  7. LuckyBunny - They sure are fat and I'm starting to get a little worried that the lambs will be too big. I just wish they were more friendly, I guess I will have to make it so with the next generation.

    Marchwind - I can't get anywhere near them so checking their udders is next to impossible.

    Teresa - These are supposed to be good at lambing on their own, we shall see. I still check on them often at night...

    Rain - I hope so.

    Stace - The pictures you posted really helped, I hope the link sends some folks over to enjoy your blog as much as I do. I'm sure I have one set of twins....if Gardenia twins I will be shocked (in a happy way).

    Autumn - I have never seen lambs bit I can IMAGINE they are wonderful. I sure hope so.

  8. I used to do a quick udder check while the ewes were eating the grain. Just quickly slip my hand between the back legs while they were occupied, and hope I didn't get peed on at the same time! You'll definitely feel a difference in the udder when they are close. Looks like they have a bit of time to go yet though.

  9. You watch and watch and you turn your head and that's when they decide to have their lambs. Crazy sheep. The fleeces on your sheep look wonderful for spinning. I have a few Shetland's.

  10. Alla - This will be my first year attempting to "roo" them for fleece so we shall see how it spins.