Monday, April 11, 2011

Guineas on Patrol

The last of the snow disappeared in the rain Sunday so yesterday and the this morning the Guinea's started making patrols of the property grounds.

They started in the back yard, moved over into the sheep pen, worked their way through the woods to the front yard, and ended up back by the chicken coop.

I have been curious to see if they limited their travels to our immediate area or if they would just wander off randomly. So far they have kept the same routine, never wandering away from our property and returning to the coop after their periods away. Without any brush or leaves I think it is too dangerous for them to stay out at night away from the coop so I hope they continue to return.

I just love watching the Guineas running around at breakneck speed, digging and pecking their way across the yard. The Guineas now ignore Sara, the goats, the sheep, and most importantly we humans! I can walk right past them and they continue on their merry way, no longer go into hysterical calls of BUCK WHEAT - BUCK WHEATTT!

Barn Notes - Orchid seems to have injured here back leg somehow and she has been placed in a stall. When I examined her I couldn't find anything wrong, not sure what to do at this point. On a positive note she did have a bit of an udder so maybe she is getting close to lambing.

I got 8 eggs today from 8 hens, 100% for the first time in a long time!


  1. One of our little kids injured her leg and had nothing to indicate how. She has improved and reinjured herself for about a week. Much better now and I did nothing but keep an eye on her. Hopefully Orchid will be fine. Love the guineas.

  2. Yeah for the hens!! Way to go, ladies!
    I hope Orchid is ok! Was she limping?

    Our guineas have been starting to travel around the property more, but they move quickly and their home base is the chicken coop. They are never gone from the coop area for more than an hour. The hens are starting to separate more from the male guineas, I've noticed, and they've been making nests. The males have been fighting, and that's an understatement. The male guineas have been absolutely out of control this past week - biting, fighting, flying, and running like crazy. Hormones!!!

  3. I love guineas. They remind me of cartoon characters. Their legs move 100 miles an hour and their bodies never move when they run. Did you raise them from chicks or get them as adults? I have never had any luck with getting them as adults. They wander off.

  4. Teresa - Orchid has had leg injuries of unknown origin several times this year. This is the first time she has tried to keep all weight off an injured leg. I think by keeping her in the stall she will rest it a bit.

    Lynn - If they start making nests our woods are so close that I will never find them. I so enjoy watching them but if the boys get wilder I just can't image how they could do it!

    Debbie - I have read that Guineas not raised from keets on your property will tend to wander off. I raised these Guineas with the chickens so I hope they stick close to home this summer.

  5. Seriously, those guineas...what a comical crew. Somebody needs to write a sitcom about them and what they're thinking. I think it would be a breakaway hit! :-)
    All your girls laid today, woo!! This is a milestone! The most in one day I've gotten so far this year has been 7 eggs out of my 10 layers...still, not too shabby for 3 year old hens.
    Your patches of snow are definitely getting smaller. You are noticing this, right? :-)

  6. Congrats on the egg count! I'm sorry to hear of Orchid's leg, hopefully the rest fixes it, it's likely she just caught it or tripped a bit, especially if she's done it before. hopefully it's nothing major. The Gunieas are such a hoot!

  7. Danni - Thank goodness the snow is gone, we got up to 65* today. The guineas are so entertaining once they stop crying out every time I step outside. I got 8 again today and was able to sell 3 dozen to my dry cleaner, they are working out nicely.

    Luckybunny - I hope you are right about the leg, she is always seeming to have a hitch in her giddy-up. I love the guineas but I love they eat ticks even more.

  8. the guineas have lined up perfectly for your shot...great pic. congrats on your eggs...wish i had about the debudding..sounds awful, i know i couldn't do it. they are so adorable!

  9. KK - I am very happy the disbudding is behind me. I really like that guinea shot as well, I was very lucky to get it. I got 8 eggs again today!

  10. In the first picture, they look like they are one of those sweeps!

  11. Autumn - I know, they lined up perfectly.

  12. I used to have guineas...then they figured out where the crazy neighbor lived and kept making field trips up there. Imagine Cruella Devil flying into your driveway screeching about how she can't nap with the guineas in her yard. It wasn't pretty.
    Is it Orchid's leg or her hoof? My sheep sometimes get something in their hoof that hurts them and they'll limp and not put weight on it. Just a thought. Hope she's better :)

  13. Stace - That comment really made me laugh. I saw my neighbor out one day and called out an apology to him for the goats being ridiculously loud that day. He mumbled something about needing to come over someday to see the menagerie that I had assembled. He specifically mentioned the "loud birds" (Guineas).

    I checked Orchid's hoof for debris and it was clear, I think she may just have a hip problem that she aggravates from time to time.

  14. Ooooh, glad to hear about your chickens, because we're just in the planning process ... gonna get some (soon hopefully!).
    Loving wandering around your blog. I'm your latest follower and I've been reading all about the adventures on your farm.... Fabulous!

  15. Croft - Thank you I so much like having fresh eggs. I spent dome time yesterday wandering around your blog as well. I love the scenery, how beautiful to be right by the sea.