Thursday, April 21, 2011

Goat Boys Adventure at the Zoo

Alex loves to go on adventures. Today he decided to go to what he thought was the zoo.

He left his chaperon Sara at the gate and the excitement soon began!

"Lil'Man, look at those strange animals! They are so lucky we can't get through these bars."

"I think the humans call this one a 'Gardenia'. I think that means 'fat' in human, look at how big her belly is. I heard the Goat Mom say that the Gardenia is 'expecting' something real soon, I wonder what it could be?"

"OOH, this one is called a 'Jeepers'. I don't know what that name means but it sure is woolly. Hey, there is something moving behind it - look out they could be dangerous! Sara!!!!"

"Alma, did you see how fast those two ran off! Let's go see what kind of lambs they are, maybe they are Gardenia's."

"Albion, for Gardenia's sake I sure hope they aren't her lambs because they have terrible looking wool."

"Alex we're trapped! Those little 'Jeepers' are coming after us."

"Did you close the door Lil'Man? Sara, help! You two stand back, you know what they say about how viscous goats can be once they have their backs up against a wall. Sara!!!!!"

"Albion, do you know what a Sara is? Maybe it is what those things call the Sheep Lady?"

"Don't be silly Alma, the Sheep Lady would be embarrassed to be seen with those things. They don't even have any curls in their wool. Let's go back and see what mom thought of those two strange looking sheep."

"Alma how much did you weigh today? The Sheep Lady seemed really happy that I gained 3 lbs and weigh 9.5 lbs."

"I weigh 8 lbs now, I gained 2.5 lbs in 5 days!"


  1. So cute when they go exploring!

  2. Those little lambs are precious. Love the curls and short ears. Cute that the goats hid behind a broom.

  3. All I can say is ADORABLE!!!!

  4. Pretty soon they will be playing king of the mountain together. Very cute!

  5. The goats and the lambs are adorable!!!! Love them! I especially love the lambs!!! The story was so cute - your thoughts were perfect for them! Thanks for the smile!

  6. This is really cute!

    Hey, I just put a new photo up on my homepage, and thought you might want to see what Killarney's dam looks like. If you visit the farm site, Rosemary is the black polled girl in the upper right of the photo, with a bit of white at her poll. I love how they are gathered round the new lambs. Not all the girls are in this photo, and today is so beautiful, so I hope to get some more photos while they are dry. Wet sheep just aren't all that pretty! : D

    ~ Ronda

  7. One more thing...

    Is the skin on Alma's nose and around her eyes brown? It's hard to tell in the dark photo, but it seems it might be. If that is the case, that means she will become a blonde!

    ~ Ronda

  8. Teresa - No problem getting the goat boys to explore, the sheep are another matter. Their mother doesn't want any of the other sheep near them and she refuses to leave the barn. May be a few more days before the lambs get to run and play outside.

    Michaela - I never would have guessed the goat boys would hide from the lambs. I guess they are all baa and no bite.

    Niece - Sometimes it is hard to leave the barn area.

    Debbie - We have some great rocks for them to play on, but grass - not so much unfortunately.

    Lynn - I am surprised at how quickly the lambs outgrew the goats. I know the goats we not expecting the lambs to corner them.

    Ronda - Thanks for the picture, she looks just like him with the broad nose and wide face. I think little Alma may be polled like her grandmother.

    I will check Alma's skin color and let you know.

  9. They're all mighty precious and I enjoyed the story !

    ~ Farm Friend Blessings ~

  10. JoyceAnn - Thank you, I find both the kids and the lambs wonderful entertainment.

  11. Aww, that's my cute fix for the day!!

  12. Rosie - I get this cute fix every day!