Monday, April 18, 2011

Stuff I Got

I decided to get Nigerian Dwarf goats after Ohio Farm Girl wrote up an excellent post where she gave her dairy goat experiment an A+ grade! I contacted her and she gave me some wonderful advice and provided me with a few humorous anecdotes that got me hooked. So I now have Addison and Becca Boo who each have a young strapping buck and udders full of milk. To take advantage of the milk for drinking or to make some cheese I needed a milk stand, so that is what I got last week. I have tried it a few times and it works great. I can't wait to get a steady supply of milk to experiment with.

I have been having issues with my Rooster Leopold. He has decided it is his mission in life to attack me every time I enter the coop area. I think Leopold may have gotten the idea from the head Ram Killarney who lately decided that I am one of his friends whom he wants to play with. Unfortunately Killarneys idea of play requires him to crash into me with his horns. That may be fun for him but for me - not so much.  To keep these amorous males at arms length the Commander got me a Hickory Shepherds Crook. I love it as it allows me to keep all the crazy males around this place at a distance, including the Commander!

I have been spending a lot of time lately covered in various types of animal poo, splattered in birthing fluids, and picking straw and hay out of my hair. I decided it was time to spend a bit of time feeling like a girl, hence the Happy Feet! I went on a little shopping trip where I picked out a matching pair of sparkly tennis shoes for me and my daughter. We call them our Happy Shoes!


  1. OK first off - LOVE the shoes! So adorable. The things we do. Sometimes I get the urge to paint my nails. They last about 5 seconds before becoming chipped horrible messes, but it always makes me feel a little better, just puts a smile on my face milking the goat with purple nailpolish on! Your milking stand looks great, I hope it works really well for you!

  2. hahah hose are happy shoes indeed! If you had red ones they would be for dancing but i don't know where these are for... happy manure shoveling?


  3. I love how you make me laugh! The title of this post is *still* cracking me up. I don't even really know why. :-)
    I *love* the sparkly, happy-feet shoes - I would like to have a pair, too, please. And yes, spattered in everything like you have been lately, you TOTALLY deserved those beauties!

  4. LuckyBunny - When I saw them I just had to have them, and I have no idea why. I can just picture you milking with the purple nails, too funny.

    Leontien - Some of my nicest things have become farm clothes after umm, accidental staining. In this case I will leave the manure shoveling to the Commander. The good thing about goats and sheep is that their poo is in little balls that I just sweep up with a broom.

    Danni - I will have to bring you out a pair when I come out to visit! They will be part of the Stuff You Got!

  5. The sparkly shoes are just GREAT! The overactive males, not so much. Give 'em the hook, gal! ;D

    I had to show the goat stand to Husband, he used to make them. (He thinks yours looks quite good...) No small irony, he built them, I still don't HAVE goats (not until I can get a good goat house built), and now I don't know if we even have any stands left! Crazy is as crazy does...

  6. whoooot! love that beatin' stick, baby! its just like mine!
    great work!

    and i can't wait 'til you get your cheese on! whooot!

  7. Cat - I must have been making you crazy to see the goats stands that you wanted to put to use head right out the door. You need to march right out and get you some goats housing or no, I have found that they escape anyhow!

    OFG - I'm trying to follow in your footsteps but sometimes they stagger about, almost like you were using some of the medicinal tequila!

  8. hee hee hee ain't that right.... the bar is ALWAYS open here

  9. I LOVE the Hickory Shepherds Crook. I have an old straw broom. Both my roosters have been attacking me this week. I figured they were feeling their oats since the weather is warmer finally. Needless to say, I haven't been happy with them. Silly roosters!

    The milking stand is a necessity! I thought you were supposed to use a three-legged stool for milking, I don't know why!!! I have never milked any animal anyway.

    And the sneakers - LOVE them!! Happy Shoes make happy feet! Which makes happy ladies! I've been wanting to get a good pair of workboots, as I'm always getting poo on my shoes. Don't get any poo on your Happy Shoes!

  10. OFG - For medicinal purposes is one of my favorite phrases.

    Lynn - With all that underbrush you should really look into getting a few goats, you will love them.

  11. Can't be unhappy in a nice pair of shoes. Good for you. Now, don't step outside.

  12. Michaela - There is a lot of yuk out in the yard, most of it round and pellet like!

  13. Now, THESE are the moments when having a daughter brings such cool opportunities! Doing things like this together is such fun! I have two daughters...we would have days like this. Now that I'm getting older, they want to do my make-up because I'm too out of the loop to do it good enough. I think they are right.

  14. Lana - Farming means family, no one can do the things required without help.