Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eggs, What Eggs?

One egg today, one egg yesterday, and three eggs the day before....looks like egg production for the year is ending.

I started the year with eight laying hens and in June and July I would get six to eight eggs per day! Add to that two guinea hens who were laying one egg each per day and things around here were hopping. Like everything else in life at some point all good things come to and end and I guess this is it.

It started with the guineas. Juliette was the first to go broody and between her hatching one huge clutch and trying for two others the guinea egg production disappeared.

Next two of the chickens went broody. The first hens' clutch failed completely, fortunately she picked up eight of Juliette's keets to raise as her own. Honey was next and all her eggs failed but one, chicklet. So with those two hens not laying because they are busy being mama's and one hen dying I am down to five potential layers. By the shape and color of the eggs we are getting it looks like three of the hens are laying an egg around every other day and two have stopped laying completely.

(Mamma chicken and the guinea nuggets pictured above) I hope things pick up next Spring!


  1. Yep......same thing going on here!

  2. I just LOVE your pics of the hen with her "nuggets"!

  3. First let me say, I am no chicken or egg expert by any means! Matter of fact, can't stand eggs, but hubby loves them and we have chicks. Hubby went thru this with his chicks the first couple of years, too. He started giving them laying pellets, which didn't do a lot, but did help a little. I then read on some blog about putting a red light in the hen house at night. He first used a regular light bulb, and that helped a little also, but then changed to the red and for what ever reason, this helped a lot. He keeps a light on 24/7 in the henhouse now during the winter months because of the lack of hours of sunshine, and for heat and we get eggs everyday now. We get so many that I gave 4 dozen away yesterday, and a dozen the day before. Maybe you can try this if you don't already do it? Good luck.

  4. Well, one egg is better than no eggs at all!

  5. Yup, that's pretty much the state of things around here, too. Except instead of broodiness, I've got massive molting going on. Feathers EVERYWHERE!!
    And, for the most part, only an egg a day.
    Jeez. We're going to be breaking down and buying store eggs soon, you know that, right? Ughhhh!!!

  6. Niece - It isn't a happy thinking the eggs production is stopping.

    Carolyn - It is just so funny to see a chicken walking around always followed by 8 guineas.

    Teresa - Unfortunately we have no electricity out there, but i have heard the same thing concerning light and warmth.

    Autumn - You are correct! At that pace we will have enough for good breakfasts' once a week.

    Danni - We are still trying to figure out how to get our hens to grow their feathers back from the rough treatment the rooster has given them.

  7. The light really helps. Of course, I'm still waiting for my little girls to grow up.

  8. Teresa - If only there was electricity out there!

  9. Sara looks like my Grandpa's dog Rex. He used to herd cattle with Rex's assistance

  10. We use lights in winter for the hens to keep things going for egg production. Some breeds don't need the lights, but it looks cozy in winter to see the lights on in their little house - and maybe they are making shadow puppets or reading before 'lights out'!

  11. CW - I would do that except we have no electricity out there :(