Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Garden, What Garden?

Last year we planted potatoes and when we harvested them they were tiny! We never got around to planting the garden this year.....

Guess what we found growing in the garden this year?

Turns out that the Commander probably missed harvesting a few potatoes last year. At least this years accidental crop of potatoes was above normal size!


  1. I guess that you should have planted! Those are some serious size spuds. Bon appetite.

  2. Don't you just love volunteers?

  3. Teresa - It turned out o be a true blessing.

    Ian - It makes me wonder if I am a help or a hindrince to nature.

    4R's - The Commander just needed a bit of adult supervision!

    Teresa - Let's hope I can get as lucky next year when I am actually trying to grow something.

    Autumn - We have been eating them every day!