Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Foul

Indian Summer is over and the nights are getting cold. The Commander lets the birds out every night when he gets home and he relies on Leopold to bring everyone home before it gets too dark.

The mini-guineas are growing fast and are almost as big momma chicken. They fly outside the coop area during the day and then pace back and forth trying to figure out how to get back in with momma. It is funny to see them all perching on branches or the fence while momma looks up at them with a disgusted look on her face.

The mini-guineas spent a few nights out in the trees before the cold hit, we now find them snuggled in close to momma when closing up the coop at night.

The chick-let is growing fast but still has fluff instead of feathers. I hope it can survive the cold nights. Honey still sits with it in a nesting box, not big enough or old enough to perch yet I guess.

I wonder if the chick-let is a boy or girl?


  1. Chick-let looks pretty to me. I have no idea how to tell if chicks are boys or girls from pictures, sorry!

  2. I keep wanting to get guineas, but Husband is hesitant as they are noisy. I will have to enjoy yours for a bit longer, I guess... ;)


  3. Autumn - I always have to wait to see how their comb grows to tell.

    Cat - They are noisy, but they make up for that by devouring the tick population.