Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden Planted

My parents visited this weekend and with their help we really got a lot accomplished. While my father was fixing the chipper (the Commander is so happy) my mother helped me plant the garden. This year we are going with potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, radishes, peas, green beans, strawberries, and three blue berry bushes.

The white lattice is left over from the goat shed and will be used to help the peas grow up away from the fence. The deer have had a field day eating them along the fence line in past years.

You can see one of the blue berry bushes in the foreground. We will have to add netting to prevent the birds from eating them, adding avians to the list of things out to prevent us from farming (carnivorous, herbivorous).

****Update**** No sooner than we get this planted than a thunderstorm with hail is cruising through the area. If hail destroys the garden well then &*!#$......


  1. Oh no! Well...... did the hail come through??????

    Oh, and I heart your header picture. A lot!

  2. No hail, just 4 inches of rain! Needless to say the garden is well watered.

    She really is a cutie isn't she.