Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garden Tilled

The Commander finally got around to tilling the garden this evening in hopes that we will get the planting done this weekend. The soil looks better than last year, we have been adding goat droppings and hay to the mix. The fence is an attempt to keep out the rabbits, deer, goats, bunnies, etc... We not only have every carnivorous predator know to earth prowling our lands hoping to eat our goats, chickens, and sheep, but we also apparently have every herbivore predator trying to get at our garden vegetables as well!

The rhubarb grows great every year for whatever reason, no amount of frost, cool weather, or plain old neglect seems to effect its survival. If only it could give the other plants lessons.

These were sent to us by one of the Commanders sisters, we find her most recent attempt a humor more successful than previous ploys that included the mailing of "stuffed mice"!


  1. That garden looks great. Cant wait to see it filled with all kinds of yummy produce.

    And isnt that the truth with rhubarb???? It is one hardy plant.

    Those are some nice looking rubber chickens...

  2. We have got to get the garden planted this weekend. I have heard that rhubarb is bad for goats and sheep, so this poor plant is in isolation awaiting harvesting.

  3. double check to postmark on the chickens....something tells me that you should smell a the way, why didn't the commander ask his dad to build a birthing stall...the legend has it, he is a birthing expert! :)

  4. The Commander says that his family has a lot of legends......