Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shots and Coops

Addison and Becca have needed a CD/T shot for a few days and I have been dreading it. I referenced The Goat Spot message board for any useful information and noted that I should have some Epinephrine on hand in case one of the goats had a reaction. When we last took Sara to the Vet he instructed me on how to issue a goat a shot. Ready or not, today was the day.

I figured that in order to get the goats to stand still for the shot that I would need to bribe them with some grain. Becca was first, she flinched when I stuck the needle in but otherwise she just kept eating. Note poor Becca's haircut, she wouldn't sit still and I need more practice.

When it was Addison's turn she didn't even seem to notice, she too just kept on eating. The suprise here was that I didn't even need to use the brown paper bag!

We fenced in the chicken coop with the last of the dog kennel fencing that we picked up at a bargain price. The real victory in this was that the back of the coop was fenced with the FIRST of the sheep fencing! The enclosed area measures 26 feet by 20 feet, that should give the chickens enough room to get started until we let them out to free range. We are still debating whether to string netting across the top or not.


  1. Oooo...I get to do this in a few weeks, too. It must be done, but like you, I SO do not look forward to it. But hey. Not having to use the brown paper bag is something, right? :-)

  2. Make sure to have someone with you if possible in case the goats jump or flinch from the needle prick.

  3. Hurray!! Congrats on a successful administration of your first CD&T vaccinations!! The CD&T liquid really doesn't hurt, so these went swimmingly for me, too, last year. The injection that really caught me by surprise, though, was when I had to give antibiotic shots. You would think I was cutting off a leg with a dull knife, given the goat-y shieking, screaming and twisting that went on. I was so upset afterwards. But now I know. Antibiotic shots burn like the dickens (some antibiotics worse than others) when going in.

  4. Oh my!!! I am glad that they needed their CD/T before they needed an antibiotics, now I am dreading that! I was talking to some local farmers in the feed store yesterday, a social gathering spot much like the coffee shops in the city, the farmers couldn't believe that I was giving shots to goats. "They have no meat on them, I couldn't do it! Give me a cow or a horse!" I am not sure I want to give anything that big an owie!