Saturday, May 8, 2010

Moving Day!

The snow melted yesterday and it gave us just enough time to get the Goat shed ready to be moved into. We finished stringing the chicken wire along the cattle panels to prevent any unwanted escapes, the rest of the painting will have to wait. Here is Becca (who finally arrived yesterday) posing on a rock behind the shed.

Chip and Addison enjoying a snack in the pasture area that is on the other side of the garden from the shed. A run allows the goats to access this area.

Addison, Chip, and Becca exiting their goat door and running to see if I have any treats for them.


  1. Hooray!! Its all done! I love seeing them run over to you....and kicking their little feet. :-)

  2. Becca is gorgeous! Those look like some happy goats! :)

  3. We think Becka "Boo" is gorgeous, although we have suspicions that she doesn't consider herself a goat.