Friday, May 28, 2010

Great Escape

I ran some errands this morning before I gave the goats their morning grain, and when I got home I was surprised to see Becca run up to car to greet me. I brought her back to the goat pen and walked the fence line to see if I could find where she escaped. I found a section of the chicken wire bent away from the cattle panels, but it sure seemed awful small for her to fit through. I fixed the gap with some zip ties, but I'm still not completely sure this is where she escaped from.

Addison and Chip seemed unconcerned (pictured above) by Becca's absence. With Addison (hopefully) due in the next few weeks I need to eliminate any possible escape routes.


  1. That is one seriously cute picture of Chip and Addison!

    (For some reason I have trouble each time I try to comment on your blog. It doesn't like my "credentials.")